We are good at learning, willing to share, dare to innovate, at the same time more diligent.

[jvservices title="Professional" color="primary background square" img="images/demo/icon-seeour-1.png"]Graduated from Design or Computer Science subjects[/jvservices] [jvservices title="Worked in large Internet companies and design firms" color="primary background square" img="images/demo/icon-seeour-2.png"]Worked in Oracle、LKK、Ctrip...[/jvservices] [jvservices title="Keep surpassing ourselves" color="primary background square" img="images/demo/icon-seeour-3.png"]Maintain humility,Keep continuous learning in our respective areas.[/jvservices]

Leaders of our team

We definitely have a few excellent members



The Master Mind

Good at building website with framework, familiar with (mobile) Internet product design, having continuous entrepreneurial experience.



The Soul Giver

Having a wealth of design theory and keeping insight into the trend of the trend, with sensitive touch and comprehend about the GUI design trends.

An e-mail is perhaps the beginning of a good product. Welcome to fill out the form or send a cooperation email to: service@iplantoo.com


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