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Web Hosting

Simple site with small traffic

Special price: ¥668/year.Originally¥900(70% Discount),Means¥56/month
1G of Space
1G of sharing bandwidth
18GB/month of max traffic
limit binding 15 domains

Cloud Hosting

Particularly suitable for further requirements of the site!

Special price: ¥3688/yearOriginally¥4600(80% Discount),Means¥308/month
4 core of CPU
2G of RAM
50G of space
5M of independent bandwidth
unique IP


Suitable for situations where you want better performance but less budget

Special price:¥2888/year.Originally¥3600(80% Discount),Means¥240/month
4 core of CPU
2G of RAM
60G of space
3M of independent bandwidth
unique IP



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